Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Institution (SI) has partnered with the Museum Scholarship and Material Culture (MSMC) Certificate since its inception. The SI and its museum professionals have played an invaluable part of Maryland’s MSMC Certificate as Committee Members, hosts for student practicum projects, and teachers for the Introduction to Museum Scholarship course.

This partnership between the Smithsonian and the University of Maryland gives MSMC students a well-rounded approach to the Certificate’s three main questions:

  1. How do museums function as social and historical institutions?
  2. How is material culture used as evidence in museums?
  3. In what ways do exhibits, collections, and other museum efforts express ideas and create knowledge?

Students in the Certificate program may gain access to the Smithsonian’s researchers and cultural centers in the Washington, DC area. Classroom discussion is paired with guest speakers, visits to exhibitions and “behind-the-scenes” work at the SI’s museums and centers.