The Certificate is proud to have graduate students from various disciplines join our growing list of alumni. Some have continued in the museum field while others have pursued other avenues.

Leah Bush
Department: American Studies
Practicum Title/Topic: Beyond Representation: Performance Ethnography and the Research and Presentation of Cultures at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Practicum Institution: Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

Sarah Janesko 
Department: Anthropology
Practicum Title/Topic: A review of the Mount Calvert Historical and Archaeological Park and Museum
Practicum Institution: Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission, Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation, Archaeology Program

Philip Byrd
Department: American Studies
Practicum Title/Topic: Walter Olencz: A Journey Through the Merchant Marine During WWII
Practicum Institution: S.S. John W. Brown Liberty Ship

Greg Kenyon
Department: History
Practicum Title/Topic: From Publications to Exhibitions: The Changing Role of the Museum in the 20th Century
Practicum Institution: National Museum of American History

Patricia Markert
Department: Anthropology, Archaeology
Practicum Title/Topic: The Role of Collaboration in Museum Scholarship: Exploring Themes of History, Memory, Family, and Place at Timbuctoo, New Jersey
Practicum Institution: Timbuctoo Community

Aaron Bryant
Department: American Studies
Practicum Title/Topic: World War II and the Resonant Cavity Magnetron
Practicum Institution:

Jennie Terman
Department: Music, Ethnomusicology
Practicum Title/Topic: Carrying the Load: Children’s Involvement in Festival Music and Dance in Japan’s Aging Society
Practicum Institution: National Museum of Natural History and Smithsonian’s Museum Support Center

Ennis Barbery
Department: Anthropology
Practicum Title/Topic: Cultural Landscapes of Greenbelt: Telling Stories of Community and Division in a Local Museum
Practicum Institution: Greenbelt Museum

Nathaniel Kramer Reul
Department: History
Practicum Title/Topic: The Mobilization of the Museum: The Smithsonian Institution and the Great War
Practicum Institution: Smithsonian Institution

Tom Hardej
Department: Historic Preservation
Practicum Title/Topic: Cultural Landscape: A Reinterpretation of the 20th Century DuPont Landscape at James Madison’s Montpelier
Practicum Institution: James Madison’s Montpelier

Shane Walsh
Department: American Studies
Practicum Title/Topic: Athletic Philanthropy, History, and Trends in Black Athletes “Helping Others”
Practicum Institution: National Museum of African American History and Culture

Molly Russell
Department: Anthropology
Practicum Title/Topic: Understanding Identity Through Collection Practices
Practicum Institution: National Museum of American History

Jenna Zimmerman
Department: Anthropology
Practicum Title/Topic: The Rosewell Plantation Artifact Collection at the NMAH
Practicum Institution: National Museum of American History

Amy Carattini
Department: Anthropology
Practicum Title/Topic: To Belong: Life Histories of Immigrants in Prince Georges County
Practicum Institution: Prince Georges County Museum of the Immigrant

Anna Doorenbos
Department: History Library of Science
Practicum Title/Topic: Docent Guide To Be Called To Serve: Representations of Women in the NMAH’s Price of Freedom Exhibit
Practicum Institution: National Museum of American History

Helena Iles
Department: History Library of Science
Practicum Title/Topic: Nordic Ware: American Business, Domesticity, and Ethnic Stories
Practicum Institution: National Museum of American History

Emily Jin Unrue
Department: History
Practicum Title/Topic: A Case of Mistaken Identity: One Object’s Journey from Antiquity to the Present
Practicum Institution: Smithsonian Institution Offsite Storage, Suitland

Robb Hernandez
Department: American Studies
Practicum Title/Topic: unknown
Practicum Institution: Stamp Student Union Gallery

Teresa Moyer
Department: American Studies
Practicum Title/Topic: Walking Tour Mount Clare and Georgia in Carroll Park, Baltimore
Practicum Institution: Mount Clare Historic Site, Baltimore

Amelia Wong
Department: American Studies
Practicum Title/Topic: Online Museums: Discovering Their Variety, Significance, and Potential
Practicum Institution: Center for History and New Media, GMU

Jaime Layne
Department: History
Practicum Title/Topic: Child’s Play: The Evolution of Children’s Toys and Games from Antiquity to the Modern Era
Practicum Institution: Amazement Square in Lynchburg

Anne Grulich
Department: American Studies
Practicum Title/Topic: Charles Ball’s Narrative of Life as a Slave and The Sukeek’s Cabin Site
Practicum Institution: Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum

Rob Williams
Department: History
Practicum Title/Topic: Reconstructing the Interlocking Block Tower at the Bowie Railroad Museum
Practicum Institution: Bowie Railroad Museum

Melinda Snarr
Department: History