How to Graduate

At the beginning of the semester in which you will complete your last MSMC class, please be sure to complete the three actions below:

  1. By the end of the Add/Drop period, please complete the Application for Graduation to the registrar. Submitting the form will automatically send it to the registrar. In the Graduate Certificate Program four-letter code field, please enter Z016. Use a separate form for each degree or certificate you are applying for.
  2. By the end of the Add/Drop period, please complete the Program Completion Application Form. Please see an example of how to complete the program information section here. Please send this form to Dr. Jaeger to sign and submit. The program code is Z016. You do not need to submit the audit materials mentioned on the form – MSMC will complete this process.
  3. In addition, at the end of the semester in which you plan to complete the MSMC Certificate, please submit the MSMC Class Verification form. The form includes submitting your MSMC portfolio of the full texts of the major papers or projects for each of the four classes (for example, include the full text of the major papers you wrote for these courses. If you completed a group project or exhibition, provide documentation of your contribution).

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Jaeger ( For more information on Graduate Degree deadlines, visit the UMD Registrar page. Please note: if you complete the certificate before you complete your graduate degree (this often happens with Ph.D. students), you can apply to graduate from the certificate once you complete all the requirements.