Curating the Curators: Perspectives from MSMC Committee


We’re starting a new blog post series called “Curating the Curators: Perspectives from MSMC Committee” in which  committee members of the certificate program give his/her view on museum scholarship and material culture (MSMC) topics.

We’re excited to feature our committee members’ voices on MSMC issues and read their stories not just as curators but as educators, researchers, and scholars of diverse subjects.  Take a seek peek of what’s to come: Committee Bios.

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Beyond keeping the certificate program funded and functional, the Committee are integral to advising students on their practicum projects. Each student works closely with a committee member on the development and execution of their practicum proposals and final products. Committee members provide feedback to students on their proposals and are invaluable resources for navigating scholarship issues and local museum networks.

This series is geared toward emerging professionals and students who will work with the committee in various capacities. However, their thoughts and experiences are careful reflections we hope will reach colleagues in and beyond our network to continue conversations about how we use scholarship in our work everyday.

Join us in the coming weeks as we get to know the MSMC committee members!