The Phillips Collection Internship Opportunity

See the below opportunity for a graduate or undergraduate internship at The Phillips Collection, details follow and on the collection’s website!

University of Maryland Center for Art and Knowledge at The Phillips Collection

Fall 2016 Internship Opportunity in Research and Programs

The Center is looking for an undergraduate or graduate student intern to help conduct visitor research and evaluations in the museum. The visitor studies will be aimed at understanding visitors’ experiences in the museum, prototyping and testing new digital projects, and observing how visitors engage with them. The time commitment and schedule would be very flexible.

The internship brochure and application guidelines are attached, and a description of the internship is posted on the museum’s website. Interested applicants can disregard the deadline of July 31st that is posted on the website. Anyone who is interested can contact Kathryn Rogge at, or they can reach out to me directly ( if they would like more information about the types of digital projects and evaluations that we will be focusing on this fall.