Museum Education Specialist opening at Alexandria Archaeology

Alexandria Archaeology

Position Opening: Museum Education Specialist 

Follow the link below to learn more about the position and how to apply!…/museum-education-specialist

Position Overview: The Museum Education Specialist works with archeologists and historians to plan, design, and develop educational and informational materials and to implement programs and events to communicate the archeological and historical significance of our City.  The richness of our program depends upon the Museum Education Specialist’s abilities to interact with the public and increase understanding of the past. Last year, almost 50,000 people visited the City’s Archeology Museum, located in the Torpedo Factory Arts Center, and the museum hosted special events, activities and tours that brought knowledge of history and archeology to participants.  These activities included hands-on Adventure Lessons, dig days where families toured a plantation site and screened for artifacts found by volunteers and interns; tours of the 18th-century ship discovered on the waterfront, teacher training workshops; a summer camp for 12 to 15-year old students; and lectures to both public and professional audiences.  Special events in the museum emphasizing the integration of art and history also drew more than 1000 participants.  The museum educator oversees many of these museum activities and coordinates events, tours, lectures, and school programs for diverse groups of residents and visitors, thus playing a major role in promoting an understanding of Alexandria’s rich diversity, history and culture. In addition the Museum Education Specialist  administers a Volunteer Program where more than 100 volunteers generally contribute more than 8,000 hours of time over the course of a year.  The Museum Education Specialist also helps design and install exhibitions.