MAHDC Executive Director Job Description

The Maryland Association of Historic District Commissions (MAHDC) seeks an executive director. Serious candidates please respond to Frederick Stachura whose email address is at the bottom of the description below. Thank you!

Executive Director Job Description

The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic growth of the Maryland Association of Historic District Commissions (MAHDC), a statewide preservation organization in Maryland with a mission to provide advocacy, training and program support for historic preservation commissions and local governments across the state. Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. The position reports directly to the Board of Directors. The Executive Director works closely with Preservation Maryland and Maryland Historical Trust, the state’s other statewide preservation entities, to promote historic preservation throughout Maryland.

The ideal candidate is self-driven and will demonstrate solid, hands-on management skills and organizational abilities, as well as ability to convey a vision of MAHDC’s strategic future to the board, membership, volunteers, partners, and donors. The candidate should have strong written and oral communication skills. Knowledge of email marketing software, website maintenance (WordPress), and graphic design and marketing skill is also beneficial.

The Executive Director works about 10 hours a week on average (can range from 5-20 hours per week depending on the schedule of events), primarily from their home office. Some travel is required throughout the year for six annual board meetings (held in Crownsville, MD), quarterly social hours (held throughout Maryland), an annual symposium, fundraisers, partner meetings, training events, and meetings with member commissions and staff.

Compensation: $12,000 annual stipend

The Executive Director is an independent contractor who provides their own computer, phone, transportation, and office space; some direct expenses are reimbursable.

Job Responsibilities

  1. With the aid of MAHDC board members, provide technical advice to MAHDC members commissions and staff
  2. Oversee the MAHDC Training Program, including marketing, scheduling, booking instructors, registration, and making recommendations to the board
  3. With editor and graphic designer, develop articles, compile, and distribute quarterly publication, Maryland’s Historic Districts, by email
  4. Produce weekly content for MAHDC website blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed
  5. With MAHDC board members, coordinate quarterly social hours for the MAHDC membership
  6. With MAHDC board members, coordinate fundraisers (currently one per year with desire for at least one more)
  7. With MAHDC board members, pursue grant funding
  8. Update and maintain a current contact list of commissions, staff, and chairs
  9. With VP of Finance, mail and process annual renewal notices
  10. Update and maintain a current list of individual and business members
  11. With MAHDC executive committee, assist with board recruitment, elections, and orientation
  12. Represent MAHDC at the NAPC Forum, when possible, including coordinating an MAHDC-sponsored session when relevant
  13. Administer the CLG educational set-aside grants on behalf of MHT
  14. Work with the board to develop and implement MAHDC-sponsored sessions at regional preservation events
  15. Market and manage the MAHDC Restoration Contractors Directory
  16. Prepare, with the MAHDC President, the bi-monthly board of directors meeting agenda, staff report, meeting reminder notices, and meeting minutes; participate in all meetings
  1. Attend meetings with partners such as Maryland Historical Trust (MHT) and Preservation Maryland (PM) representatives as needed
  2. With MAHDC board, provide assistance and guidance for governance, fundraising, education, and other committees and task forces
  3. Keep website domain registration and hosting and email contract for website up-to-date

Frederick C. Stachura, Chairman


Maryland Association of Historic District Commissions